Fivo Wi-Fi FAQ

What can I do at a FIVO Wireless Hotspot?
  • Send and receive email
  • Access the Internet
  • Connect to your company network
  • Use Internet voice (VoIP) services
  • Browse the FIVO Website & other Websites FREE
  • Browse the latest news headlines FREE
What do I need to use FIVO?

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a laptop or a smartphone and a FIVO voucher.

Go to any FIVO wireless hotspot location. Purchase a voucher online or where applicable, from the front counter/reception. Open your browser and you'll be automatically redirected to the FIVO login page. Click on "Login with Voucher" and enter your voucher number into the login page for access. To end your session, simply type the word “stop” into the address bar of your Internet browser and hit enter. Your session will stop and you’ll be sent back to the login page.

How do I tell how much I have left on my FIVO Voucher?

If you are in a session, a popup box should show the time and data you have remaining. If this is not showing, ensure popups are allowed on your browser, then log out of your session by typing "stop" in the Internet browser address bar and hit enter.

Once logged out, you may check your usage here by entering your access card number in the spaces provided.

Otherwise, the next time you log in, the popup box will show you how much time & data you have remaining.

Can I use Skype on FIVO™?

Yes! Although quality cannot be guaranteed, many of our customers use Skype at FIVO™ Internet Hotzones. Please send us feedback on your experiences.

Which Internet browsers can I use with FIVO™?

All mainstream browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome to name a few.

Do I need to log out?

Yes, you should always log out when finished using the FIVO™ Wi-Fi service.

Is the login page secure?

Yes. We use encryption to ensure your Access Card Number or Account Login is secure. You can see this on your address bar when you log in by the start of the address stating https:// and a padlock symbol in the bottom-right of your browser.

How many concurrent users can access the internet at the same time?

In theory, 100 WiFi clients could connect, but this also depends on what users are doing, like watching YouTube, sending emails and the speed of your internet connection. You can also throttle the speed of each user’s connection, to increase the amount of concurrent users on your wifi hotspot.

I have a VPN but I am having trouble connecting, what can I do?

Because there are so many different settings for different software, we cannot offer support for this problem. You are advised to discuss these issues with your IT Administrator or VPN supplier.

Is a FIVO Wi-Fi Hotzone secure?

Protection is recommended for any computing device and you should always use a firewall and anti-virus software. You are connected to a public access network so we cannot guarantee against interception, privacy or mis-use of your data. However, your security is greatly increased by using a VPN (virtual private network) for any company network traffic. You must assess your own security risk and take precautions.

Having trouble using the FIVO™ service?

Faults affecting the service can originate from a number of sources. These could include network outages, your device or software settings. Check out these tips to troubleshoot the situation to hopefully resolve the fault.

Make sure your device is Wi-Fi capable. If you're unsure, ask someone that will know, like your device supplier or an IT retailer.

If you have a FIVO™ Access Card and you are having problems with your access number, call our helpline on 0800 123 486.

If you think the problem is with your device, contact your device supplier to check the setup is correct to access public Internet Wi-Fi Hotzones.

If you can see the FIVO™ Internet Hotzone login page when you open your browser, your device is probably working OK.

If you cannot connect to your company network or VPN, check with your company IT or network manager for help.

If you are reading this help file at one of the Hotzone locations and you can’t log in, it may be because you don’t have an access card with time left on it or you don’t have an account. Purchase a FIVO™ Access Card on the FIVO home page or from the front counter (where applicable).

  • Disconnect from FIVO
  • Clear cookies and temporary internet files from your browser.
  • Reboot your device
FIVO Splash page doesn’t come up automatically?
If you don’t have a homepage set on your browser, simply got to

If for any reason your voucher does not work, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view and supply the following details: Location and date of purchase, name on Credit Card and your phone number, OR phone FIVO directly on 0800 123 486. We will confirm with you that the voucher has been voided and refund to your credit card.

**This step is only valid for online voucher purchases. If you have this issue with a voucher obtained from the counter, please see the site manager.

Need more help or want to know more?

Send us an email at or call our support desk on 0800 123 486.
If your call isn't answered immediately, please leave a message and one of our roaming support specialists will receive an email with your message and will return your call as soon as they are available.